About us

Lab Property Thailand Real Estate - Taibao Oversea Real Estate Co., Ltd., & Tai Chang Property Co., Ltd., was founded in 2015 & 2018. The “Lab Property Thailand Real Estate” series is a professional business brand of our company engaged in real estate investment in Thailand. It is a one-stop service platform for real estate transaction services, such as sales, leasing, and custody, tailored to the needs of domestic customers. It is designed to allow customers to buy and save.

Lab Property Thailand Real Estate” provides real estate transaction services such as new houses, second-hand houses, house leasing, residential real estate, investment real estate, land, hotels, etc., and provides one-stop shopping consultation, house purchase agency, real estate custody, real estate sale or rental, and Real estate investment services. With industry-specific housing data, crowd data, and transaction data, data technology drives service quality and industry efficiency.

Lab Property Thailand Real Estate” purchases a domain name worth tens of millions of dollars. The total investment of the project platform is 100 million yuan (excluding the land and development costs already purchased). It has world-famous developer resources to provide customers with more professional data. , real-time, humanized hosting services. “Lab Property Thailand Real Estate” has won the praise of many customers with professional and dedicated service customers.

We set up China Headquarters and Thailand Service Point, headquartered in Shanghai. The Thai branch has set up a sales network covering important cities such as Bangkok, Pattaya, etc., and is currently expanding rapidly. It has set up dispatch centers in all major cities, equipped with vehicles and The sales staff will receive the customers one-on-one and realize the real-time seamless connection between the two parties. At the same time, the sales network based on each dispatching center also provides customers with one-stop hosting services such as more efficient and convenient, and more time-saving and labor-saving, such as agency, sales, and escrow, so that customers do not have to worry about after-sales service.

Advantages of finding a home in "Lab Property Thailand Real Estate":

(1) Real estate information is comprehensive

Provide real and accurate room type maps, decoration, traffic conditions, etc., users have more choices.

(2) Find a room with multiple choices

You can find a home in a variety of ways centered around your needs, such as region, price, type, and features.

(3) Real-time online consultation

You can always consult the real estate information online, master the market dynamics, find the punctual mechanism to buy and rent a house.

(4) Provide transaction process guidance

Provide comprehensive online and offline transaction process guidance, you can easily master the payment process such as payment transfer.

“Lab Property Thailand Real Estate” provides users with the best looking room experience through accurate grasp of user needs, high quality and diverse housing, multi-dimensional search function and strong product development capabilities.