Grand Florida Beach For Sale


Investment Evaluation

1 room 2 halls 1 bathroom 36m2

1 room, 1 living room, 1 bathroom, 39m2

1 room, 1 living room, 1 bathroom, 24m2


Transaction phase
Total expenditure
(Purchasing stage)
Thai 铢
House Expenditure
Loan ฿100000 ¥21270
25% down payment ฿810000 ¥172500
30% of the second period ฿972000 ¥207000
45% of the last paragraph ฿1458000 ¥310500
Total expenditure of the house ฿3340000 ¥711270
Other Expenses
Transfer fee 1% ฿32400 ¥6900
Maintenance Fund ฿21600 ¥4595
Other total expenses ฿54000 ¥11495
holding stage
Year of income
(first year estimate)
Thai 铢
expenditure (year)
Property management fee ฿25920 ¥5514
Total Annual Expenditure ฿25920 ¥5514
Other earnings (years)
Value added income 7% ฿226800 ¥48300
Rental income 5% ฿162000 ¥34500
Total income per year ฿388800 ¥82800

This data is for reference only. Please contact the platform property consultant for specific fees and benefits


Project Features

The heart of Pattaya Marina Resort

Occupy the new land, the regional advantage is self-evident

Having a private beach with complete facilities

Fashionable luxury design style



Project introduction

Grand Florida Apartments, Pattaya, Thailand, double-view home with ocean view. It is the fifth large-scale water-based apartment built after the BlueSky Group's Atlantis, Spaniard, Venetian and Caribbean projects.

The project is located in the heart of the Pattaya Coastal Resort. The middle of the Zhongtian and Nazhongtian Beach, occupying the new and noble veins after the North and South Rich People living areas, the regional advantages are self-evident. Nazhongtian Beach is the best water quality area in the Pattaya area and the most densely populated area, where a large number of holiday tourists gather.

Grand Florida is located 80 meters from the beach. The project covers an area of ​​16 rais. It consists of eight seven-storey buildings. It is located in Nazhongtian 14th Lane, only 200 meters from Sukhumvit Road. There are large supermarkets such as BigC and Lotus nearby. With seven treasures of Foshan, Silver Lake Vineyard, water park and many other tourist attractions and a private beach, you can experience the pure and natural scenery of Zhongtian Beach at any time.

Not only enjoy the bright sunshine, the blue sea, the cloudless blue sky, the white sand beach. Let you swim in the crystal clear waters, surf, dive, or find a shade under the coconut trees, lie on the beach chairs and listen to the beat of the waves. In the evening, stand on the shore and admire the magnificent sunset and the streets at the beginning of the Hua Deng. Feel the heat and feel at any time.

The Grand Florida apartments are well-equipped and close to the large supermarkets bigc and lotus. There are many attractions nearby, and there are plenty of seafood and traditional Thai restaurants near the beach to make you feel from the inside out. The beauty of nature.

The project is a Florida-style light luxury decoration style apartment. It is also a large water system and super invincible sea view apartment. The door is the sea so that the head of the household can feel the sea at any time, and the boat can be played at the door.


Auxiliary Facilities:

Hotel reception, high speed elevator, free parking;

Fitness center, outdoor pool, sunbathing area and lounge area, 24-hour security;

CCTV Central Monitoring, Private Beach, Oversized Pool, Cliff Pool Platform, Lava Volcanic Island;

Waterfront Canyon Landscape Wall, Island Water Platform, Water Pool, Artificial Beach Water Table;

Healthy Sunshine House, Children's Pool, Volcano Falls Pool, Community Jogging Trail

Indoor amenities

  • true  Air conditioning  true
  • true  Cable TV  true
  • true  Computer  true
  • true  Dishwasher  true
  • true  Heating  true
  • true  Internet  true
  • true  Microwave  true

Outdoor amenities

  • true  Balcony  
  • true  Lift  
  • true  Grill  true
  • true  Pool  
  • true  Parking  true


  • 150 Beach:  150m
  • 150 Train:  150m
  • 150 Metro:  150m
  • 150 Bus:  150m
  • 150 Pharmacies:  150m
  • 150 Bakery:  150m
  • 150 Restaurant:  150m
  • 150 Coffee shop:  150m

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Address Grand Florida Beachfront Condo Resort Pattaya 19/23 ซอย นาจอมเทียน 14 Tambon Na Chom Thian, Amphoe Sattahip, Chang Wat Chon Buri 20250, Thailand

Purpose:   Buy  

Type:   Condominium  

County: Thailand

City: Pattaya

Zip code: 20250

Area:   Less than 50m2  

Size precise: 36 m2

Energy efficiency:   A+  

Bathrooms: 1

Bedrooms: 1

Rooms: 1

Sale price: 3,394,000.00

Ownership:   Developer  

Floor: 1-8

Energy efficient: 80 kWh EP / m2, year

Gas emissions: 80 kg CO2 / m², year


Tai Chang Property Co., Ltd.,
Tai Chang Property Co., Ltd.,

Property location

LAB Property
Pattaya City,
Bang Lamung District,
Chon Buri 20150, Thailand
+668 326 11 727 / 08 326 11 727
+668 326 11 727 / 08 326 11 727
[email protected]